Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Part Deux

JJ described the father's day ride quite well, but I had a couple of shots of JJ and A1 that I wanted to post, plus a cool shot of a snapping turtle that we came across. The ride itself was good, except for the end when I had to walk a hill that the other two cleaned with no apparent issue.

Finally- a shot of Dennis off his bike!

My attempt at action photography- cutting off Dennis's head

Abe holding up his bike and looking sexy in camo

When I got home I made the girls pancakes- I thought on father's day we were supposed to have breakfast made for us? Oh well. Then the game plan was to get out for a family ride. I had hoped to get up to Great Glen but there was a threat of a thunderstorm so we went to Whitaker Woods instead for a good hour cruz. Emma is really starting to dig riding the trail-a-bike and I had raised Lillo's seat and made a few other tweaks to her bike that made her feel much more comfortable. Now I just need to finish working on K's mountain bike and I'll have all the other bike projects out of the way so I can finish building my new road bike (the last of the parts arrived today from Team Bikeman World HQ so I'm hoping be be on the new road ride this week). The family ride was good, had some lunch at the playground, spun around in the woods for an hour (a good shake down of the legs after the morning effort) and then it was home. K then met up with A1's wife for a road ride and I mowed the lawn. How domestic!

The Red Jersey Summer Series kicks off on Thursday, it should be good! Looking forward to seeing how I fair on a SS. Sounds like JJ will miss this one as he's off for a bit of non-training fun. I'll let him explain.

I heard from PJ today, he's been riding a ton but work has be beating him down. Anyone over in Rutland with their CDL- he's looking for a driver to deliver steel.

Oh, and NK had me put air in his shocks so look out we may see him out on the trails real soon.

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