Friday, June 29, 2007


K just got in from a road ride with A1's wife, and I'm realizing she's been out riding more this week then I have- not good! At least today I'll get a commute in- that's a start- then tomorrow I need to get in a good three plus hours at the very least.

Here are a couple shots of the Salsa built up:
Salsa Primero

Close up of the new Race Face Cadence Crank

So the fleet is built, if anyone is intereted in a Cannondale CAAD 7 56cm frame with Time carbon fork (SI with Record headset made for c-dale) and their SI BB and crank give me a shout- I'm in a deal making mood! I still also have the GF Rig frame, BB and headset in a size 19"- that can go for $120. I'm also thinking the Santa Cruz Blur should find a new home since I have no desire to ride it since going to big wheels- so that's out there as wheel (size LG, XT drive traine, Hayes disc, Mavic Cross-Max ust wheels, Fox suspension all the way around).

The tour starts in a fairly short period of time and we still don't know who "won" last year (or in 96 for that matter)- I'm just not jazzed for it this year. I've let my subscription to Velonews lapse and we haven't added VS to the cable line up for July for the first time since OLN started covering the tour. Oh well. I'll need to track down 24 (Eathough's DVD not the Fox show) and get my racing fix that way.

That's all I've got at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to give a good ride report after the weekend!




weak and feeble said...

Thats a wicked perty bike you got there. No need to get out for a long bike ride. Just sit on the couch this weekend and drink beer and eat wings.

bluecolnago said...

mmmmm.... beer and wings! hot wings, i hope!

that's a nice looking ride!

peace out, yo!