Sunday, August 12, 2007

24 Hours of Great Glen from the Pits

Since I was on the sidelines for this year's race due to a few physical problems I suffered at the Pats Peak 12 Hr race last month, I was working the pits for DEA. A1 had his whole family up at the race keeping him going. The Race started at noon with the firing of the cannon. A1 and DEA decided that this race was a marathon and not a sprint and took it easy on the Le Mans start/run to begin the race.
DEA & A1 "Sprinting" at the start
Since both of them were riding their fully rigid, 29er, singlespeeds they were definately in a class by themselves.
DEA & A1

Unbeleivably there was actually a NK sighting at the race as Nick made his way around the course racing on a cruiser class squad for the Moat Mountain Bewery.

There was one other rider at the race, Jason Achilich. Jason also rode
as a solo singlespeeder and rode great.
Jason from
I have to say that I was pretty bummed to be at this race and not be able to participate, but it was nice to see everyone else suffering a bit.

DEA had set a pre-race goal of 12 laps figuring that it would put him just ver 100 miles of riding for the race. At about 10:30PM on Saturday he took a long break and had 8 laps completed. I think he ended up sleeping longer than he wanted but when he woke up he didn't need lights anymore and headed out while being saranadd by someone playing the bagpipes. That was pretty cool. I made my way around the course snapping pics and making sure that DEA had what he needed for food and drink. At about 10:30AM Sunday moring, he had 11 laps in the bank as he went out for one more to get his 12 and be on course at noon so he could roll in and call it a race.

All in all, the weather was great, the crowds were as big as they have ever been and there was a signifiicantly higher nuber of female racers which was very cool to see. Hopefully this is the last big event I'll be on the DL for and can get back to racing in a few weeks. We shall see.



bluecolnago said...

cool! sounds like a good time!

3 more weeks to the team stoopid debut! woohoo!

peaceout, yo!

weak and feeble said...


Huge thanks for running the pit and keeping me fed and hydrated- plus the pizza was key!

As much as I appreciated having JJ pit for me, I hope he never does it again! The reason of course is it's way more fun to race with your crew then just have them crew.

By the way props to A1 for actually waking up early and hitting 14 laps!