Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend off the bike

I'm trying to rember what my bikes look like, actually that's not true, I know what they look like as I walked by them on a regular basis over the past few days.

With K being over in France and me playing the role of single parent it's been tough to get out for rides. I'm not sure how the single parents out there do it! In some ways it's been nice to be off the bike as I'm really itching to get out and ride. I've been looking at the Surly and thinking about cross season, and then I got an email from Team HQ about ordering cold weather team clothing for Cross season. Hmmm, should I scare the world and put by beer gut into a skin suit? I know the answer to that, but the possible comedy is tempting!

This past weekend I traded in my trusty (LOL) SAAB and picked up a brandy new Honda Fit

I like it, it reminds me a lot of the way the old Honda CRX used to drive, but with more room. Now I'm anxious for the next fill up to see how the mileage is actually stacking up. I've read anywhere between 35 to 45 mpg- so we'll see. Of course the way it works in my world is that we got a new car so that's goes to K and I get her car- so I'm going to be driving the Ridgeline- which is a great truck but gets crappy mileage- so my gas bill just went up- time to up the amount of commuting!

This past weekend was the Mount Washington Bicycle Hillclimb- which got cancelled due to weather. This summer the Mountain just hasn't wanted to be ridden as Newtons got cancelled as did the weather date, and now the big race got nuked due to nasty weather. I know it's known as a tough race with rugged weather- but 80+mph wind, sleet, ice, poor visibility etc is just way to dangerous. According the Howie they had volunteers at teh summit just gettting slammed to the ground by wind so being on a bike would have been impossilbe. I remeber one year in 35-50 mph winds getting blown off my bike more then once. Nothing like going up hill at 3-5mph and getting body slammed to the ground. They made the right call for sure, you can always tell the first time racers as they piss and moan about the organizors being wimps- anyone who has spent any time up on the Mountain knows you don't mess with it when the weather gets nasty- there's a reason over 180 people have lost their lives up there.

Onto happy news- Team Weak and Feeble will be applying for a ProTour slot next year with the UCI, we're in a tight race with Slipstream but I think we'll beat them out- they may have the whole argyle thing going but we've got a monkey drinking PBR!

Anyone up for a good ride this weekend?




bluecolnago said...

beer gut in skin suit ok.....

do i still get to drive the team car at the pro tour races?

sweet honda!

weak and feeble said...


of course you get to drive, it'll be great TV when you're doing hand ups of drinks and their PBR pounders! I can just hear Phil and Paul doing the commentary now, "those boys must be looking to really put the hammer down, loading up on food and drink- oh wait- they must think it's happy hour"


bluecolnago said...

carbo loading.... :) bob roll would understand!