Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weekend ride?

A1 stopped by yesterday to get his BB tightened (that just sounds wrong) as he was heading out with his wife for a road ride. I tried to convince him to go out on a dirt ride with JJ and I, but he was set in his ways. Before he headed off he threw out the idea of a long gravel grinder this weekend- basically doing the ride he and I did last Christmas Eve- so that's the plan this weekend- I think Saturday (late edit- make that SUNDAY) AM- leaving 5:30ish. Not sure of the distance but I'd guess it'll be a good four to five hour ride with lots of climbing- any takers? If you want in let me know and we'll get you the details.



1 comment:

bluecolnago said...

sitting here wondering what i've gotten myself into for the weekend....

that long gravel grinder sounds really good.

have a fun, safe weekend!