Friday, August 31, 2007

vacation messing with my mind

It's been a good week away from the office. I've gotten out on my bike a few times, took the kids to Boston to go look at big and small fish, went up to GGTOC so Lillo could do the running race, sold a bunch of bikes (or I should say I bartered with JJ to sell the bikes for me because I'm to lazy), and have had a bunch of time to think.

Next summer I'll be 35, and according to the good people in the science world I'll be looking at my athletic peak in the rear view never to see it again. Of course that is assuming I had an athletic peak at any time in my life. But I'm having a hard time buying that I'll be in slowdown mode. It got me to thinking, what would I really like to accomplish next year? Well I'd like to make the podium in the Solo SS category at Great Glen. That's what I'd like to do. The only issue is that this past year was the year to go for it- JJ was on the sideline and A1 wasn't in kill mode at the race- so while 18 laps would have given me a shot at third this year- next year I'll have both JJ and A1 going for it as well. And that is a good thing.

This year I have yet to ride a century on the road. I haven't gotten up for a 5am ride in a LONG time. I haven't gone out and ridden in the woods for 6 plus hours finding new trails along the way. Last summer I did that and it was great. I learned a lot last year and this year and I think I can take that knowledge and do something with it.

Plus I'll start listening to Tony Robbins "Unleash Your Personal Power in 30 Days" again! Call this man Coach

Yes I bought this off an infomercial- along with my Total Gym and Little Giant ladder. Just you wait- I'll have one of those Magic Bullet blender things in no time. Tony will be my coach, the Total Gym will be my core workout, the ladder- not sure, but it weights a ton so moving it around could be a work out, and that handy dandy blender thing will help me with nutrition. Now I just need to call the psychic hotline and find out how I'll do next year and then skip all the training and call it good!

So there you go, I have a goal, no plan yet- but at least now I know what I need to plan for! I'll be interested to see what A1 and JJ think.

Back to this season, Porky Gulch is just a couple months away- I'd like to do well at that race. Here's a cool video from last years race:

That does it for me- time to work on my plan (that and do some laundry and take the kids to their doctors appointment, and do some grocery shopping and..... damn I love vacation!)




weak and feeble said...
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weak and feeble said...

I bought a Magic Bullet a few months ago, makes good slush drinks. Bought mine in a store not like DEA who buys his shit late at night while watching Golden Girl reruns while eating cheese doodles naked on his couch. That's an athletic peak if I've ever heard of one. Anywho, goals for next year? What are those? Good luck to Blue, I think he's racing this weekend.