Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Countdown and rain

24HOGG is rapidly approaching and with it our drought has ended abrouptly and we've been getting a good chunck of rain this week and it looks like that will continue through the week. The good news is that the weekend (at least at this point) is looking ok.

My legs are feeling a bit sluggish at the moment, I had hoped to spin them out this morning but K needed to leave a bit early so I played school bus. I'll have to spin them out after work.

I started to make a list of what I need for the race and began to think about strategy and my eating game plan. It'll be good to have JJ in the pits making sure we (A1 and I) are eating and taking on bottles each lap. Hopefully he can also help keep our heads screwed on straight (that may be a tough task).

I'm hoping tonight to tear the bike down and clean it up and get the EBB and BB dialed in- right now it's creaking like an old farm house floor. The good news other then that I think the bike is in pretty good shape, I should pick up an extra set of brake pads and then I think we're good to go.

That's it at the moment-




weak and feeble said...

I cannot guarentee the quality of the pit crew and I might be drunk at some point in the race and sleeping a good chunk of the rest of the race.


weak and feeble said...

That's spooky, that's exactly the same strategy I have for the race.


bluecolnago said...

fudge rounds and red gatorade..... no problem!