Thursday, August 16, 2007

View from the course

Big thanks to JJ for working the pit for me, it really does help to see someone at the timing tent asking you want you need. Of course that being said I wasn't really riding in such a way that I was completely spent, but none the less it was nice! That and he brought a large pepperoni pizza up on Saturday night, that and a beer was quite a nice dinner.

As I had posted earlier I had three goals- I hit two- riding every part of the course clean at least once and getting in at least 12 laps, the third goal of riding the full 24 hours wasn't even close. I'd guess I only had close to 14 hours on the bike, and I really slept well from about midnight to 5am.

So now I sit here a day later thinking about what do I want to do from here and if I looked a full 12 months ahead what would I like to do at next years 24hogg. I have come up with a couple of thoughts- one is to race HARD for 3 or 4 laps, and then party like a rock star with other like minded individuals and then wake up in the mid morning and go back out to finish the last lap. Another is to go back to a team and race hard, then there is this thought in the back of my head of (I know I shouldn't write the) what would it take to make the podium in Solo SS? Or, the kicker- what would it take to win solo SS? Of course the issue with this is even though 20 laps won this year (I think) I know that Jason could have gone harder and longer and put in 21 maybe 22- but who knows. The thing with this is (as JJ and I discussed while hanging out eating pizza) is it's really hard to train the crazy hours without a major goal. Jay was a major goal because it just seemed so damn hard (the effort I put out at Jay was 3 times the effort I put out at 24HOGG) and just riding Solo SS isn't enough to really drive me to put in the long hours.

The flip to all of this- why do I care about a possible podium? Isn't this supposed to be about just going out and riding and having fun? Ahhhh, there is the $100,000 question! I think this is one of those places where you start wondering what you've got and how hard can you push, knowing full well you didn't push hard but also realizing that that fact will leave you asking the what if's for some time to come. The tough part about setting a lofty goal is that you hanging it out there there and you may fail. Goals like 12 laps and clean every part of the course allow me to feel good about my effort, but have risked very little.

Then again this would also mean rededicating myself to the bike not just for the simple love of riding a bike (which is why I ride to start with) but to dedicate to the actual training, diet, stretching, core strength, nutrition- etc. That could be a tall task.

Anyway what a great event yet again. Kudos to the organizors and all the riders and supporters. Can't wait for next year!

ride on,



Colin R said...

hey DEA, good to see you out there. i could tell you were really confused to see me in the dark on outback because we had a "conversation" that went like this:

me: "What's up Sven"
you: *confused look*
me: "What lap are you on?"
you: "ugggggggh"
*pause while I wait for the reply*
you: "wooohoooooo!" as you rode off into the woods.

Either you were listening to headphones or you were delirious. Possibly both.


bluecolnago said...

as long as you had fun..... :)

sounds like you had a great time! too bad jj didn't get to race.

next time....