Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a salute to DEA and the abenator

yeah, it's been a while, but i wanted to give a major tribute to these two maniacs who decided that rigid, single-speed 29'ers were a viable mode of transportation for a solo assault on the 24 hours of GG. that, and this is also a good time to acknowledge the unsung hero of that whole endeavor (namely dennis). even though a litany of injuries kept him from competing, that didn't stop him from being a constant presence throughout the event, acting as pit crew and drinking free, fine moat beer.

personally, i was fat and miserable throughout the whole thing. i would have loved being fit and miserable, but impending marriage and a lack of motivation has kept me away. i shall return, less fat and more motivated...

can't wait to hear DEA and A1's comments about their laps... i'm guessing there'll be curse words, gibberish and sorrow, and that's the kind of stuff that keeps me going.

mahalo to you two crazy bastards, and JJ, i know you'll be there next year.


1 comment:

weak and feeble said...

No curse words here, not yet anyway.

Good to see you NK and also good to see you back on a yellow bike. It goes well with your eyes, or urine, one or the other.