Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ahhhh so good

Yesterday was a great day. Our boss had given us the morning off, nobody needed to report in until noon my wife had already planned to "work from home" and we knew that the littlest one would be good with hanging with the peguins at Cranmore while K, Lillo, and I hit the hill.

I have to be honest, I am usually a very selfish individual on a powder day and the phrase- "there are no friends on a powder day" is a phrase that I have lived by for a long time. For those unfamilier with that saying what it conveys is that while skiing is usually a very social sport where you wait for your buddies and don't worry about how many runs you get, that on a powder day that all changes. In the east we get very few of these days and when we do you want to get out and get to it- no dilly dallying. Which is all well and good except for when you have your wife and daughter with you- can't really bail on them! But to my surprise Lillo was really going for it and having a ball in the deep snow. I knew K would be in seventh heaven as these are the conditions she lives for and I usually struggle to keep up with her. But after a few runs (including meeting up with JJ and witnessing his fall- which freaked me out) Lillo was ready to call it quits so she hung out in the lodge with JJ and D3.

K and I went out and had a ball. She then needed to bail and I snagged a couple more runs before getting ready to head to work. At which time my boss called me and said lets just call it a day- can you let everyone know. Talk about good news! I ran into NK and told him (I'm not sure he believed me) and then went our for another few runs- at which time my legs began to say it was time to call it a day.

What a great day. Post skiing I ended up snowblowing the driveway a total of three times, and now there is a good pile for the kids to hollow out and build their first good snow fort of the year.

That's it on this front. Nothing bike related (other then I need to order my frames by tomorrow).

I hope everyone can get out and play- the skiing should be really good for quite a while now.



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