Tuesday, February 13, 2007

whew, i'm back

well, i have to apologize. to A1, to DEA, to JJ. even to PJ. i've been an absentee member of the team, and i'm sorry for it. but, one apology makes up for months of neglect, right?

i suppose getting engaged, moving and building a life with the wifey-poo-to-be is an excuse enough, too.

good to hear that A1 has put DEA in the gym... he's got the biker legs, but he's got the arms of an olsen twin - i can't tell if it's mary kate or ashley, and old chief broken wing got the OK to get back in the saddle as long as he doesn't fall, huh? we'll see how long it is before that bird's back in the nest.

but, who am i kidding? i haven't been in the saddle since fall. so i can just eat it, i guess. but i have been training heavy on foot and on skis, as this little nugget below from wildcat last weekend will attest - as you can see, i graduated from the sven cole school of self promotion...

but i digress! there's potential for the first official p_____r day of the year (which i will NOT jinx by referring to by name), which has my molecules all aflutter, so here's to the white stuff, and here's to kicking off 2007 (albeit belatedly) for all of us on the snow... and bikes... and feet.



Blur said...

NK- welcome back. It should be noted that A1 and I are only working on legs and back so the arms will remain forever scrawny and only have the purpose of holding onto the handlebars. See you at the lift for first chair, unless of course I wake up in time and skin up the mountain for early tracks!


bluecolnago said...

sweet pic!

peace out, yo!