Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I couldn't resist the first Powder Day in a long time

It seems as though we are actualy getting what they forcasters said we would. After so many broken promises, we finally have an epic powder day happening. With the schools closed and many places of employment closing early I was able to head to Cranmore Mountain to take my first ski run since I broke myself. I sold the pair of skis I usually ski on the wek after my crash and was limited to my GS race skis. Too long and too narrow for a powder day, but I was not cleared to ride my snowboard yet. The snow was faling hard and was piling up pretty fast throughout the morning. It was nice to be back on snow, but I felt like an old lady (no offense to the old ladies). There was no confidence and I was very tentative. Not a great combonation when you add the wrong skis to the snow conditions. On my second run I got buied and tipped over. It was one of those slo-mo falls that you know is going to happen, but there i nothing you can do about it. Lucky for me I fall down a fair bit so I am pretty good at it. I kept my arms in and rolled onto my back and lucky for me me head took the brunt of the fall. I didn't feel any shooting pains and was very happy. I got up and gave DEA the thumbs up that I was OK. At the bottom of the run I decided that it was best for me to head to the lodge. Not a great resumption of my ski season, but at least I didn't do any more damage. I want to ride my snowboard!!! It was made for pow!!! We've fotten a foot so far and its still falling.

Thats it for now, be safe.


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bluecolnago said...

doctor's orders are always meant to be bent just a little! sounds like a good time!

peace out, yo!