Monday, February 05, 2007

finally getting out on skis

I took advantage of the new snow yesterday to get in a good hour plus of good skate skiing in Whitaker Woods in town. It felt a bit odd to be back on nordic race gear and the warm up loop reminded me how important balance is! I ended up running into (not literally) Cort who was out in the Bully grooming and we shot the bull for a bit- I found out that two weeks prior they had moved 500+ cubic yards of snow onto the trails for a local HS xc race. 500 yards- that's a lot of freakin snow! Cort had bladded it up at Storyland in their two parking lots that don't get used in the winter so the snow was clean. Then he and Nat Lucy started moving it with a bobcat and pick-up trucks and then LA Drew donated two 14 yard trucks and drivers for two days of non-stop hauling. My hat goes off to those guys for putting in that type of effort. The end result was a 5km race loop 12 feet wide and about 8 inches deep after grooming. They do stuff like that in Europe all the time fore World Cup races- but a HS race in the US? I guess that is why our local ski team has won the state title for the last four years straight.

Anyway that base meant that the new snow was just bonus and the skiing was/is excellent. After I got done chatting with Cort I headed out for an hour plus of uninterupted skiing- good stuff- it felt great to do that type of aerobic workout.

Then this morning A1 and I hit the weights this morning for a good leg and lower back workout. The good news is the range of motion is improving for me already, I'm finding that the real weak spots are getting better but that just means now I'm putting on a bit more weight- but that's the point isn't it?

It's going to be cold out this way this week- but not as cold as out in Blue Colnago country! Stay warm out there man!

That's it on this end.



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bluecolnago said...

it IS cold here!!!! poor kerkove will be walking to work today since the mazda isn't starting. (it scares me when someone as fragile as he is has to walk in these temps!) :)

you're lucky to have the dedicated people to take care of your ski area! sounds super!

peace out, yo!