Friday, February 23, 2007

I think I made a mistake

Over the past month or so I have been listening to DEA and A1 talking about their early morning weight lifting sessions and since I broke myself I could not partake. I was beginning to get very concerned I was going to be way behind the curve with these guys getting all buff, well at least A1, and primed for the upcoming season. As a result I went over Wed. morning and met the fellas at 6 a damn clock in the AM. I still cannot do squats because of my shoulder, but I did a few exercises and felt like I had done something for the first time in a while. Well yesterday I was pretty sore, walking funny and having trouble on stairs. I thought I would be better off after a little easy spinning so I did that for 30 minutes yesterday and hoped I could get some of the poison out of my legs. Oh how that didn't work. I got up this morning and I feel ever more sore than yesterday. People watching me walk think and have commented on something being wrong with me. I'm beginning to think I may have done some permanent damage. (That would be a first) sad thing is I didn't lift near what DEA or A1 did. I need a wheelchair.

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