Tuesday, February 27, 2007

random bits of cycling thoughts

Got my second day of commuting in this month- that makes a full year of at least two days commuting on the bike. While most of the time that is no big deal, and in the good weather I wouldn't consider two days a month commuting, but in January and February if I can get my two days I'm happy.

What I'm not happy about- my legs felt junky- oh well.

K told me that George crashed and broke his wrist during TOC- but then I read that he got up and ended up doing good work for Levi before dropping out- that man is tough! I'll never forget this image of GH on the ground during PRB- busted fork at full speed in cobbles- no thank you!

Got word from the team that the Salsa frame order should be on it's way in just a couple weeks- that's getting me pretty psyched! Here is a look at the new Salsa Primero road frame (of course I won't have those juicy Zipp wheels or dura ace crank- but you get the idea):

And here will be the new 29er to the stable, the Salsa El Mariachi:

I'm pretty excited for these to get here so I can start building them up, of course then that means I have to part with some more cash for a few parts- hopefully RSN will need me to grace their set a fair amount in the coming month- or maybe I'll get A1 to hand me a sledge and I'll help set tents

Ok time to get back to work. Looking forward to the ride home, JJ rode in as well so maybe I'll have a drafting partner!



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bluecolnago said...

those are a couple of sweet looking rides.... i've heard nothing but good regarding the 29er....

be safe out there. cars aren't watching for you.

peace out, yo!