Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rabbit Rabbit

Feb 1st- wow this "winter" is flying by. Today is A1's last day working in the world of advertising- next up he takes on his tent business full time. Crazy bastard. Anyone needs a tent or table and chairs for an event- give A1 a shout!

We (Steak Sauce and I) lifted again this morning. This time we worked the back- not sure what the hell we did but my neck is killing me now. I'm jonesing to get out and ride my bike, so for the time being this weight lifting thing will have to be my release. It's not that riding won't be happening but the temps and road conditions are a bit game changing (but still fun).

It's snowing now so we might have some good skiing for the weekend, hopefully we can get out and do a bit of track skiing. We'll have to see.

We should hear the status of JJ's shoulder at some point today- hope for good news so we can get him riding soon!

that's it from here.



iawqlp said...
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bluecolnago said...

it's 6 below here in iowa this morning. 26 below if you count the windchill. no riding today.

peace out, yo!