Monday, February 26, 2007

Good weekend

Got a chance to get out on the XC skis a bit this weekend, which was good. Took the girls up to GGTOC on Saturday and braved the wind to go for a ski out to the cabin with Emma in the backpack and Lillo cruising along on her own. When we were in the woods the wind wasn't too bad, but in the field it was a bit rugged. The girls had a good time, but Lillo started to grumble a bit in the last K. I was sort of laughing thinking of all the trips my parents took me on when I was a kid and that sense of "we're never going to get back" and just collapsing in the snow. I may feel that way this coming Sunday if I end up being foolish and skiing the GG to BW 50km. We'll have to see what the weather is doing as we get closer before I pull the trigger.

Yesterday I got out and tested out my new rockship skis from Atomic. A pair of their World Cup classic's- they are awfully nice. To bad my skiing is in such rough shape. I think if my technique was a bit more "on" I could make those skis go really fast. Yesterday afternoon the whole fam-damly went up to Cranmore for a bit of lift serve skiing, it was good. I only took two runs off the top, including a first run that saw me go over the bars and land square on my keys, my leg is still killing me! The rest of the time I hung out with Emma over on the magic carpet spinning laps. We pulled the plug at the right time and then hit Zebs for some penny candy before heading home where she zonked out well in advance of pulling into the driveway. K and Lillo skied for a few more hours before they made the trip home.

This morning I got my February commuting day in the books, it felt good to be back out with the AM traffic. Temps were comfortable- in the 20's no wind. I'm looking forward to the spin home.

On other news. Jan has called it quits. Landis might get cleared. Levi has his first win with Disco.

All is good in the world. In TWAF racing news 24 Hrs of GGTOC has a new solo/ss class- just got word from Mary. She's also trying to recruit a few riders from a list that I'd sent her- including Fatmark, Dicky, and Kerkove. We'll have to see if she has any luck.



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