Thursday, February 15, 2007

tagging on an "amen"

i read through DEA and JJ's posts, and have to throw in a hearty "hear hear." i mean, the first legit powder day in two years, and we all got to sample the goods.

unfortunately, TWAF wasn't able to connect for any runs together, but i did have the chance to see DEA dropping his knees to the powder gods a few times on the lift - i'm not sure if he heard my hoots and hollars, though. what can i say? the boy makes pretty turns.

a day of powder skiing will definitely recharge your skiing batteries, and i'm filled with juice right now! how about some more! it's an addiction.

yes, it was a glorious powder day for all lucky enough to sample it, followed by absolutely brutal winds last night, which gave us some very creamy whipped stuff for this morning. well, i'm hitting wildcat tomorrow, so hopefully the snow gods decided to throw some piles of the goods deep into the trees for me...


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JV said...

First legit powder in 2 years... which is just about the exact length of time it has been since I've been out of New England. It sure has been easy being "away" the past 2 winters as there hasn't been anything to be jealous of... until now. Enjoy it!!

Luckily, the big storm coincided with my first rides of the year so I'm contently distracted from the white stuff... for now.

Someone on this blog needs to hit the Backside at Sugarloaf to give me a report!