Monday, February 12, 2007


A1 and I hit the weights again this morning. The good news is my stregth is improving, the bad news is as you add more weight it just keeps hurting. I'm looking forward to feeling the difference out on the bike. This has been the longest stretch off the bike in about a year- it's been a solid two weeks off the bike. Ugh. Of course I've been on my xc skis and skates a bunch so that is good for the cardio- now I just need to make sure my ass doesn't go soft with the time off (pleasant image).

JJ's shoulder is coming along (I think- we'll let him explain that). PowderJew got up and skiied Left Gully up in Tuckerman's yesterday, I couldn't make the trip but soon I'll get up there.

That's my story at the moment. Supposed to be about -30 with windchill tonight and we have the potential for a huge storm on Wednesday (I just jinxed it).



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