Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back in the Saddle

With the time change it felt like 4am when the alarm when off. I looked out the window and didn't see much other then black and could hear the water dripping off the roof. Oh how I wanted to go back to bed.

We had planned a gravel grind for the morning so I knew I had to get moving. I ate some oatmeal and slammed back and cup of coffee and slowly started pulling on the lycra. I hadn't really done anything in over a week and my body knew it, and my mind knew that my bed was still nice and warm. Oh well.

Out the door and the timing was perfect. I could see A1's light coming up 302 as I rolled down the driveway. We connected and began heading over the Pine Tree to meet up with Mike, who none of us had met but since he was up to ride at 6am in the ice and wet then he had to be ok. We met up and he pulled out a very nice looking S-Works with Campy Record and confidence inspiring 23mm slicks. I was sort of hoping he was putting that in the car for safe keeping and had a fat tire rig with him for the ride but he saddled up and off we went. Now we were planning to ride "roads" but a mid March Gravel Grind in New Hampshire at 6am often means ice, that being said Mike seems to have some impressive handling skills as he stayed upright the whole time. So Mike- Kudos and next time we'll detail the ride a bit more!

We met up with JJ on the climb up Davis where I was in the red way too early and wondering if I was going to be up for Gulf road. Slowly my legs came back to me and the rest of the ride felt pretty good.

We cut the ride a bit short as the full loop looked to be a bit sketchy and would have been downright dangerous on slicks so we spun it around at the top of the climb and enjoyed the freshly sanded descent of Gulf road.

For the ride I got in 1:40 of saddle time. A good first ride after feeling like death for over a week. Hopefully this will be the ride that gets us back on track in terms of "team rides".



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bluecolnago said...

glad you were able to get out and ride this weekend. it was close to "glorious" here this weekend. got in 2 nice rides without 8 layers of lycra!

peace out, yo!