Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to the gym

A1 called last night and wanted to know if I would be up for a legs session in the AM. I said sure, knowing I didn't want to but that it would be good for me. I called JJ to see if he was interested, but he was tied up with a fantasy online baseball draft- priorities you know.

5:15 am and my alarm went off and I slowly got up, dressed and downstairs for coffee and yogurt with granola. Not the most inspiring breakfast but it did the trick, then over to A1's. Checked out his new truck before heading in- I'd never seen a pickup truck with a jake break- pretty cool. Then down to the basement for some pain- that just sounds bad. Nothing seemed to want to work quite right but we got it done. About an hour of lifting, then A1 hooked me up with some Recover-Ease and Energy-Ease, we'll have to let you know how they work.

No time on the bike today, and maybe that'll be the case until Friday, but let's hope not!

that's it for now.



1 comment:

bluecolnago said...

tied up? fantasy? pain in the basement?


warmer weather is on the way!

peace out, yo!