Thursday, March 01, 2007


Blue reminded me that I never explained LOSTBO- the name of a pub and glad up at Black Mountain in Jackson. Well it's time to explain so that Blue can start breathing again ;)

A quick bit of history- this guy Les Otten had bought and grown a little ski area over in Bethel Maine- Sunday River. He turned a little backwater into one of the premier ski areas in the east, and he really did do a fantastic job (side note many hope Les will buy Sunday River back in the coming weeks from ASC).

After Les did such a great job with SR he descided he wanted to buy more areas- first up our local hill here in the Valley (and a place I used to work) Attitash. He did some great things there. From there he went on to buy a whole bunch of ski areas from coast to coast and many skier types weren't to sure if it was a good thing.

Ok, back to LOSTBO- a player to remain nameless at Black didn't like what good'ol Les was doing and descided to name his pub LOSTBO Pub.


There you go, the background to LOSTBO. Les in case you're reading this, good luck in your bid on Sunday River. (hey you never know- maybe he'll Google himself and this is what he'll see).



one last thing- Crank the Kanc has a new 3 person TTT format this year for ten teams. JJ called me last night to discuss options- hmmmmmm, A1 are you up for this? If you are you need to be in a "game on" frame of mind so you can just tow JJ and I. Here's the listing: Crank the Kanc


bluecolnago said...

thanks for clearing that up. i was starting to turn "blue"!

no wonder i couldn't find a definition on google for "lostbo".

give my regards to les. sounds like a good guy!

stay safe.

peace out, yo!

Brooke said...

It's named after trail at the summit of Black Mountain. I think it is a reference to Little 'Bo' Peep who 'Lost' her sheep...Black Mountain was a livestock farm before it became a ski mountain. Sheep and cattle grazed on the pastures on the mountain.