Monday, March 12, 2007

Slip, slide and away

Well as DEA said, we got out for an early morning gravel grind sunday. When we planned it 6am didnt sound so early. Forgot all about the damn time change. Would up having to get up at what was really about 4:30am to ride, that sucked. I knew something was wrong when I lloked outside and it was dark like night. Oh well, I was up and had not started thinking clearly yet so I suited up and headed out. After rolling around for about 10 minutes waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive and added another layer as I was feeling a bit underdresed, mistake. A few minutes later I saw a couple HID's heading up the hill towards me and it was DEA and A1. I could also make out a dark shadowy figure with them. It was Michelin Mike who was on a skinny tired road bike without lights. A brave soul is he. We started our ride and within minutes a plow truck passed us and none of us thought that was a good omen. He was not out to plow but to sand. It rained saturday night and the ground was still frozen and by sunday morning was pretty slippery.

Elevation for the Ride

After riding a couple good climbs we came to a road that has a very good pitch that we would need to descend. Problme was we would have need to borrow the Jamaican Bobsled to do it. Not a good idea on the bikes we were on, especially Mikes. We turned around and headed back to the ranch the way we came. The ride was a little shorter than expected, but it was still a good day. It was nice to get a group together for a ride as it has been a while. Here' the numbers form the Garmin Edge 305.

Total Time 1:10.32
Distance 9.22 miles
Ave. speed 9.3 mph
Elevation 1,180
Ave. HR 136
Max HR 182


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