Monday, March 19, 2007

Ready for Spring

I got spoiled last week with those warm days and the sight of rapidly receding snowbanks. Then we had a good size storm rolling our way, oh well. I had considered racing in a nordic race on Saturday, but a skate race in over a foot of fresh snow isn't my idea of great fun- so instead spent the time sledding with the kids- which was a great time. Sunday rolled around and I was hell bent to get out and on the road. The temps weren't to bad- about 34 degrees but there was a pretty good wind blowing, gusting to about 30 at times. I took out the surly SS with cross tires and headed out for a spin. The roads in New Hampshire were in pretty good shape, but as soon as I hit the Maine line the plows must have given up the ghost as there wasn't a whole lot of black pavement- instead a lot of ice and frozen slush. Which is fine except for when your got cars behind you and they can't understand why you're riding out near the yellow line. Oh well- everyone was pretty good about it and nobody tried to put me in the ditch.

But the road condition motivated me to cut the ride a bit short as I didn't want to keep heading further into Maine as the conditions continued to worsen. The only downside was the trip back was right into the teeth of the headwind, which was fine but didn't bode well for keeping the heart rate down. Either way got in an hour and a half, better then nothing! Then of course I go and read Dicky's blog and feel like I should have gone and done my Kanc ride regardless. I hate getting shown up by a Southerner when it comes to cold weather riding.

As a side note did anyone else find themselves glued to the velonews live updates on yesterdays last stage of Paris-Nice? Damn that was a race. Looks like Disco has some young talent. Could be an interesting year.



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bluecolnago said...

yes, our weather is improving and the temps are rising. the downside is that there is rain in the forecast nearly every day this week. ahhhh well. put on the slicker and ride!

peace out, yo!