Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Weekend Ride

Saturday was beautiful out and DEA called so we headed out for a spin. Considered the Kanc but decided on a less trafficed ride. Mill Street down to 153, then through Snowville to Eaton and back up to Conway on Stark and home. Pretty mellow to begin with trying to get my legs warmed up, which took a while. Mill St. has some decent climbing although it doesn't look it. Then we headed west on 153 towards Snowville. There's one good sustained climb right off then it rolls for quite a while. Pace picked up after the climb and we quickly were in Eaton at Crystal Lake. The rolls in the road make it hard to ride at a slower pace and it seemed like I was shifting constantly until DEA upped the pace, then it was much easier. DEA took all three town lines, and the Center Conway sign seems to be gone so no sprinting there. All said about 1 1/2 hours of saddle time. Monday DEA and I were back in the gym first thing. Legs felt good but we seemed to be taking it fairly easy. Legs feel good now, back to the gym Friday morning and hoping to get out tomorrow for a long road ride.

Time to go finish tileing the bathroom.


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