Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I just checked the UPS site with my handy dandy tracking numbers and looks like I should be getting my new Lazer helmet and my two new Salsa frames from Bikeman today. I'm pretty stoked about that! Now I've got to order a few bits to build them out and then go ride!. I need headsets for both bikes- I'm a huge fan of King- but throwing down for two at once can be a bit painful on the wallet- then again..... Then the other big purchase is I need a new crank and BB for the road set up. The cannondale (the current road ride) has their Si crank and BB so it won't work on the Salsa. I have to admit I've fallen in love with the new Campy record ultra torque- but I have absolutly no reason to own such a fine piece of equipment- that and if I'm going to whine about at CK headset then what am I going to say about a carbon record crank! So I'll need to vibe on that a bit before I pull the trigger.

On the riding front I got out last night for a nice 1:20 spin on the surly. Managed to get out right after work while K had the girls as swim lessons- so I actually enjoyed a ride in natural light. I was nice to be able to see the world beyond just the spot of light from your head. The best part- I got home and K had a great meal on the table- perrrrrfect.

Then this AM A1 and I hit the weights, can't say it was super fun but good for me. We're planning to head out for a night ride tonight- (JJ, A1 and I) but we'll have to see what the temps are looking like as I heard it is going to be cold- like single to negative numbers cold tonight- hmmmm- have to see.

That's it from here.



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bluecolnago said...

c'mon! did your bike frames and helmet arrive? let's see some pics! :)

peace out, yo!