Friday, March 16, 2007

Long Ride May be on Hold

Well this is New England- so my hopes for a good road ride may have been dashed. But it should bode well for the skiing! Yeah that's us right on the line between 15" and the 18" to 24"- time to gas up the snowblower.



ps- crank the kanc registration is open


bluecolnago said...


i'm tired of snow. bring on the spring!

peace out, yo!

JV said...

Wow.. I didn't even hear about this storm! That's probably a bad sign when 18" dumps aren't news anymore. Bad sign for bikers that is.

I would always get pissed with each late snowfall or when the roads frozen because then the sand trucks would dump another load of gravel on the roads... postponing the likelihood of the year's first "clean" road ride.

Oh well, get some good skiing in!