Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good ride

A1 and I snuck out for a little over an hour last night, leaving the house at about 9pm. The temps were pretty good- low 30's and really no wind. It was a nice mellow pace (most of the time) and we cruised some of the camp roads that lead down to Conway Lake. We got about half way out and A1's light died. He's got an HID that has a 12 burn time, and the last time he charged it as three rides and over a month ago- oops. I guess he now knows the battery life! It didnt' really mater as we were on road or gravel so my light was throwing plenty of light for the both of us- and the added bonus for me was that he couldn't take off on me on the climbs as he needed my light! Of course when we headed up Davis a car was coming up behind us so A1 used it's light instead of mine and raced the car up and out of my view- eventually the pitch slowed him down enought that he let the car "win" and the dark inspired him to wait for me. I tried to show my speed on the top pitch- that lasted for all of about 100 yards and my mind thought better of it. All it all a good ride- nice to get outside in the dark for a spin.

Then it was a race home to get some sleep to meet up at A1's house for our 6am lifting session. Which we did, but without great enthusiasm. However we got through the routine and by the end we were starting to feel pretty good, but we were both glad it was done when it was done.

In other news got an email for Mike talking about the Jay Challenge which is on a one year hold. Here's their site with thier explanation: Jay site

Time for me to go order some bike parts so I can build the two new Salsa frames.




weak and feeble said...

Too bad on the Jay race. I was looking forward to hearing NK's excuses as to why he wasn't doing it.

DEA's new frames are purty, but not as purty as my shit brown monocog. It's like a UPS bike.

weak and feeble said...

HID is charging :)


bluecolnago said...

night time gravel grinders.... the best!

peace out, yo!