Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Ride - Long winded post

Yesterday was beautiful outside so I decided to go for a spin on the road bike to stretch the legs. As I'm planning to leave Nikki called from the salon and was on her way home, she had a workout at 1:00. So I waited and she joined me and we road up to 121 where she went in and I continued on, her workouts are 1 hour so I figured I had enough time to ride up to Jackson and back. Up 302 to 16a, started to think about Thorne Hill but decided that wasn't in my best interests since I ran Monday, lifted w/DEA Tuesday, rode w/DEA Wednesday night, lifted again Thursday morning and here it is Thursday afternoon. I stopped at Thorne Hill to take off some layers and decided to ride it. With each incline I kept telling myself that I'd turn around at the next pitch, then the next, etc. till I was at the top and rewared with the views of Mt. Washington. Down through Jackson back 302 to 16a and back into the village where I met Nikki and we headed North South Home. At Pudding pond we met up with a few Fryeburg guys I've seen at some races, they had ridden from Fryeburg (7 miles ish) and turned around to give chase. Nikki and I had a good tow going and they couldn't catch up until we hit the red light at Wallies World. I offed to let them go by which they replied "No thanks we'll sit back here for a while." Great thanks, off we go with Niki behind me and the two of them behind her through Redstone. She keeps yelling to me to "Go, go, go." Yeah sure, my legs are spent and I'm taking the wind. So I listened to her as I always do, now I'm in my big ring with one left in the rear and she's still yelling "Go." I went until the next intersection, maybe 3 miles and that was it, ready to explode. We stopped at the light and was thanked by the other 2 who said they'd let me pull any day as long as I didn't decide to run. There was no running in my legs at that point. They took off at the green light, and so did Nikki. Now I'm on the back and getting dropped. This can't happen,my wife can't drop me I'm thinking, but it was. So I put my head down and caught back on and was happy to be in tow at the back for the next 3 miles until we got home. Great ride and awesome weather. Just over 2 hours and about 35-40 miles in total, not bad for a gingerly spin. It's nicer out today but my legs are happy sitting inside, the Recover Ease seems to be helping. I tried the Energease before the ride and that seemed to help as well, we'll see. Nice to get out with Nikki and she's fast, once she realizes how to climb I'm in trouble.

Getch gave me a copy of ROAM so I watched that last night. Insane trails and riding. I gotta say though, I was disappointed. I heard so much about it that was kind of a let down. I can only watch people race downhill so long. Someone needs to make a movie where people actually are filmed riding up. Just my take.

Stopped by Bob and Terry's to get a 29er tube and talked to Ron, who hasn't been on his bike yet, sold his 29er and isn't doing Crank the Kanc and probably not the 24 Hours of Great Glen. Lets hope he changes his mind.

Weekend ride anyone?


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bluecolnago said...

my wife doesn't ride much so i don't have to worry about her whippin' my butt on a bike.... i'd never live that down. geez, i'll have nightmares tonight thinking of her beating me on a bike. crap.

lol, just kidding. :)

peace out, yo!