Monday, January 29, 2007

200 Pounds- Yikes!

Reality is setting in that the last couple of weeks I've spent more time ingesting calories then time burning them. The end result is that my figure has gotten bigger and the scale this morning read 200lbs. Well I guess that means it's time to get my ass back on the bike and more to the point it's time to drag out the rollers and start putting in some quality fat burning sessions. While that is part of the equation the other part is eating better. I'm curious how others do it- do they have will powers of steel, do they lack the desire to eat and drink to muck, or do they do a better job at the grocery store and just don't have temptation lying around? I just don't know. I can go for a while eating pretty well but then all hell breaks loose and I loose my nerve- argh....

Onto other topics. It's time to order frames for next year. I'm looking at a new road frame and a new 29er frame. At this point both from Salsa- a El Mariachi mtb frame that I'll run as a SS and that will be my primary mountain bike, and a Salsa Primero which will be my new road bike. Of course I'm hung up on the road bike as I could spend a little less and still get a kick ass steel road bike- just a touch heavier- not sure why I think I need the bling- but for some reason that is where my head is. The other option is the Salsa La Raza which is the direction I should go- comfortable, durable and CHEAP! You can see all these frames over at Salsa or over at

It looks like the endurance mountain bike scene is gaining momentum and more and more races seem to be poping up. I hope we see a bit more activity here in New England. There could a few epic 100 mile races all within a few hours drive. Maybe we can get that thought flowing at the gathering of mountain bike minds on Tuesday, Feb 6th over at Moat. Time will tell.

That's it from the frozen north.



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weak and feeble said...

What are you saying, I'm 200 lbs? Plus it makes you faster on downhills, oh wait you're 29er doesn't roll well. Suckage all around for you I guess.

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