Friday, January 05, 2007

Good ride

A1 and I hit the road and trails last night at about 9pm for a good 1.5 hour spin. It was an adventurous trip, we road some pavement, some single track, some skidder roads and a fair amount of ice covered gravel. It was a great ride, I really am not sure where the hell we were much of the time (we were in center conway the entire time, that much I know) To be honest at one point I was quite sure I knew where we were only to realize later I was completely disoriented and ended up doing a complete loop and not really sure how we got there.

A1 took a couple diggers, one I didn't see, one I did. As I had mentioned the gravel roads were ice covered, neither of us were running studs, so at one point he hit the deck pretty hard and fast- ouch.

Who'd'a'thunk that on January 4th you can be out on your bike for a good chuck of time, at night, full moon- and not get cold and not have the bottle freeze. Man what a weird winter we are having.



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