Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A missed workout

The world has a new coating of white, not enought to evoke the powderday rule at work, but enough to spruce things up a bit. I had planned on lifting with A1 this morning at 6am at the Wrobleski Golds Gym- but alas the Freak had to assume his new duty as a plowman and go out a scrape down various patches of pavement while sitting below a spinning orange light. Workout averted. As painful as the last one was I'm kinda bummed to not be sitting here complaining about how much my legs hurt. Maybe we'll get that lifting session in after work. Hmmmm (yes honey, I know you have yoga tonight- we'd lift after that!)

With JJ on the sidelines, PJ shaking his head everytime I mention a bike ride during ski season, and NK busy planning a wedding- TWAF has been reduced to only two members able to get out and pedal outside. With only two of us still turning the pedals the overall TWAF energy levels start falling to dangerously low levels. So we need to get others out there to join us. Any takers? Tell you what- email me a good story/reason as to why you could help bring the TWAF energy levels up- A1 and I will look over the stories and select the best one and the luck winner will get an official TWAF t-shirt- your choice of Blue or Oatmeal. Drop those stories to sven at glengroup dot com (sorry don't want the web crawlers filling my junk mail any more then they already do!)



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