Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why's, how's, who's, what's

So as DEA mentioned we met up again this morning for some leg work. Here's kind of how it went.

5:15, wake up, dress, stumble to couch. As I'm laying there I begin wondering "What the &%$@! am I doing up." It's January, it's 1 degree out, it's dark out, it's 5:15, and DEA is coming over to lift probably not having brushed his teeth yet.

5:45 Still laying on couch pondering above scenarios still

5:55 See above

6:00 DEA rols in and to the gym we go.

6:00 - 7:00 Start with squats, warm up and increase weights. Realize quickly legs are still at 5:15 mode (see above). Continue with elevated heel squats, leg curls, lunges, extensions and finally deadlifts.

At some point during the 6am and 7am hour I ask DEA what the hell are we doing and why. We're weekend warrior hacks. Why are we up at this hour during this time of year, etc (see above 5:15). What's the point, how will this help pay our bills or get us any further ahead in any actually helpful life skills. How many other fools like us are putting in this effort? I got nothing, I guess we want to be faster, maybe suffer a little less than someone else during a race or maybe it's just because we can. I guess that's good enough reason. Hopefully we keep this up right into warm weather and it actually pays off. Or we'll decide it's not worth it, drink beer all spring and then come summer reflect back and say "Imagaine what shape we'd be in if we kept up our January lifting..."

We'll see. Had a few more realizations this morning but I'm spent. I'll save those for another day.


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