Saturday, January 20, 2007


A1 got me into the gym Thursday morning, then we got out on the road last night for a bit of gravel grinding followed by a solo session on the beloved Total Gym (yes I purched it from an infomecial, along with my Little Giant ladder!)

I even spent about 20 minutes stretching. Could this be what some people call training? Yikes!

A1 took the maden voyage on his new 29er SS last night- nothing like a maiden voyage at 8pm at night in the middle of January in the White Mountain region of New Hampshire. We'll have to wait for his update on what he thinks, my take- we've created a monster. A1 is a strong SOB and hauling his big travel Trek up hill has never been in the best interest of his speed- but now- oh man. I didn't have a moniter on last night up on our first climb he dropped me and I was moving, and there was nothing I could do- when I got back up to him (after he had sat up) my heart rate was in the 190 range and he was talking like he was kicked back on the couch watching the Pats piss off LT with their lights out dance. (what the heck was that?)

My point is that The Freak has found a tool to channel his strength and he's gonna go fast. I need JJ to heal up fast so I can I have someone to ride with that's more my speed.

Today it looks like K and I will take the girls and the mutts out for a XC ski, a bit of crust cruising as their still isn't enough snow for good set track.

That's it from here.


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