Monday, January 15, 2007

Shift in Mindset

It's snowing people, it's really freakin snowing. I haven't allowed myself to get motivated or excited about ski season as of yet- and it's mid January- so that is a feat! But now it's all changing, I'm getting fired up and my brain is shifting from pedal power to ski power. I'm thinking tonight might be a good night for a bushwack/trail ski with the dogs. It could be good.

That and if we get enough snow it might be a good day to go into work late after sneaking in a few runs a Cranmore (you can check their conditions here and check out all the fantastic photos of my family in the top bar- awwww aren't we photogenic)

JJ are you up for a bit of snow sliding in the am?

So as A1 pointed out we didn't do a Death March part Deux this weekend, or would it be part Trois? We had a failed attempt on the original and the make good was the following day- now I digress.

A1 still doesn't have a 29'er- how sad. He and I have been chatting about his possilbe purchase of the Rig as I'm looking at a Salsa and really need to start thinning out the fleet. Speaking of that anyone intereseted in any of the following let me know:
56cm Cannondale CAAD 7 full dura ace road bike
54cm Kona Jake the Snake- 105 and Spynergy Rev-X wheels- cross bike
Lg Santa Cruz Blur- XT drive train, mavic cross max tubless,
19" Specialized M2 converted SS (or I could build it geared- it would be XT 8 speed)
19" Gary Fisher Rig SS- stock

Those are all on the auction block, we actually they're all in my basement and the only attempt to sell them is the listings above. While I'm at it I've also got a 1995 GMC Sierra for sale, or trade- I'd trade if for a SRAM Force kit (new).

Back to the snow, it's falling and we're expecting at least 6" or more. But this is what we need to get everyone into the winter mood. So this will be the kick off to the real ski season and it's now time to start riding the trainer indoors a couple of days a week just to ensure that the ass doesn't "go soft".

Ok I gotta jump back to the bike for a moment- who's up for the April 21st race?

Back to January in New England. The Pats won, so now they play Indy- that should be a good game- I hope we get to say "Poor Payton" next week, both he and his brother bug me- I don't know why, it's not like I've ever met them- but just something. Maybe it's the making millions to play football- anyone want to pay me millions, hell even thousands to race my bike? Of couse I guess I have to remember they are at the top of thier sport and I'm more like on the rack of clothes that's about to get moved to the clearance rack.

That's it on my end. Hope for this storm to stick around!


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