Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One year ago today

This whole blog thing started, bored and need something to laugh at check out our old blog. There's some funny shit written there.

Yup, so DEA and I didn't get together yesterday morning so I call last night to see about today. He can't, he's on his way to Springfield, MA for a meeting that came up. Oh well. So I had plans to get up and workout solo or go for a ride. Neither happened, funny how when you haven't committed to someone it's easy to bail on yourself. Tonight I'll do something, right tonight. I did get a little workout in last night as I shoveled the skating rink in our backyard, then put some water on it. OK so Nikki and the kids did most of the shoveling as i got the hoses out, then Nikki wanted to put the water down. I went sledding with the kids, that was a workout.

Healthy diet continued at lunch: Grilled Pepperjack Cheese Sandwich with a can of corned beef hash. yummy. Should've added steak sauce to the hash though, double yummy.

Here's something to think about (don't remember where I read it, sorry).

"To get the garbage out of New York City each day takes 450 tractor-trailer rigs which use a total of about 33,700 gallons of diesel fuel on their round trip to Pennsylvania. For every barrel of waste we put on the curb, there are 71 barrels of waste generated upstream in manufacturing the stuff we bought to produce the garbage. Over 163,000 computers and televisions become obsolete every day, and most end up in landfills, legal or not."

Yikes, that's a lot of garbage and fuel.



bluecolnago said...

scary, isn't it? garbage, garbage everywhere.

weak and feeble said...

Didn't Tesla write a song about that? Oh wait that was Signs, garbage would work to.

Steak Sauce

bluecolnago said...

tesla did the remake, which was at least as good as the original by "5 man electrical band". (oh yeah, that was a long, long time ago and i'm kinda getting

"blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.... do this don't do that," can't you see the trash.... (kinda rings, huh?)

good stuff. it was actually something of an anthem for me back in my "longhair" days prior to the army. ahhhhh well. such is life.

peace out, yo!