Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weaker and Feebler am I

Yesterday about noon I was skiing in the race course and I crashed. Not something foreign to me. I got hurt, again not an uncommon happening either.

Looks like I am out of commision for a while.

Here's what I did to myself:
Dislocated Shoulder

Popping the bone of the upper arm out of its socket is a common and painful injury. (Yes it is!!) An expert will need to realign the bone. (Unless you have done it enough times on your own.) Afterward, the damaged person will need to ice the shoulder to reduce swelling and immobilize the arm and shoulder in a sling.( Have one of those)

Rehabilitation might take two to three months. (That sucks) In severe cases, some players need surgery. (Most likely me I bet)


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