Monday, January 22, 2007

First thoughts

As DEA mentioned we got out Friday night to try out the SS 29er. Decent ride through the back roads of Ctr. Conway. I like the feel of the bike and efficiency of the rigid. Feels like your on a road bike as it responds a lot quicker than the Trek Boingy Boingy. SS thoughts, well loved it one the climbs, flats and down hills pretty much suck although good excuse to coast. DEA gets pretty excited about spinning like a mad man and at one point he passed me on a downhill on Mill St. and I'm not sure how he stayed upright with the speed he was pedaling, dumb ass but hysterical.

Saturday I got out again for an hour or so. Not as good as Friday night as I took the roads to North Conway. Before I left the house I see the wind chill advisory. Seeing how I'm a genius I go anyway. I wasn't cold and in fact was over dressed, however on the North South Road on the only little hill the wind gusted as I came out of the tree cover and literally I went from about 15 mph to 1 and was doing all I could to stay upright, good times.

Sucks for JJ with his shoulder, although he'll spend the winter on the spin bike and beat the hell out of us come spring. For me, I like the SS thing so far but we'll see once we get on single track this spring.


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