Sunday, January 14, 2007

Two things that didn't happen

1) The single speed I've been waiting for since Xmas still hasn't arrived, going on a month. Hmmm.

2) Death March Part 2 didn't pan out either. Oh well.

I got out for an hour or so Saturday, Nikki came with me. Over Davis to Gulf, up to the long climb. By then she wanted to kill me so we turned around back to Mill St. and home. Could have been a death march for me if we continued. She hung in there and it was good to see the Prophet get some lovin'. Sounds like winter may arrive tomorrow so her days may be done until spring, she's not a huge fan of winter.

Here are 2 images of our first TWAF Gravel Grinder, sun coming up over Crytal Lake and Sven coming over the final pitch on Glines Hill.

Pats aren't looking so good, time for a few PBR's and beef jerky.


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weak and feeble said...

but then the pats pulled it off! what was up with LT post game? No death march this weekend, but maybe we can finally get out for a good bc ski.

wanna buy a GF Rig?