Thursday, January 18, 2007

That's too much!

That image just hurts the eyes. Yikes. Worst part was A1 goes down to NC and posts on Dicky's blog about the image- our unsullied reputation has now been ruined. Yeah right!

As A1 (or Steak Sauce- depending on your shorthand) mentioned we did legs this morning. I'm gonna say that lifting with Mr. Amino is a bit painful, espcially since the last time I was in a weight room was when my parents were still paying good money for me to get knowledge put into my head. On a side note I just realized my oldest daughter is closer to her freshman year of college then I am to my own- damn, age is becoming a reality. Anyway we lifted, and my hamstrings are killing me. Tele skiing this weekend should feel good. But enough of the whining- it'll be good for me and it should help balance out my legs and back a bit which will be good for everyday life as well as riding.

Speaking of fitness and health, our own ANG (JJ, D2, etc) did in his shoulder yesterday in our weekly "for fun" downhill ski race series. Haven't gotten the official word on his time table but I do know he is already using it as a good reason not to head to Tennessee with A1 and I for the Cohutta 100 We'll have to see if we can actually make it happen. K seems to think it's a plan and that just means I need to bribe the folks into hanging at our place with the kids and dogs for about five days while we make the trip. Anyone out there done the race? I've ready Dicky's take on it, but he's in a different league. Any weekend warrior SS's out here that might give us a feel?

Also the new Team kits are out, they look sweet. JJ and I will both be sporting thier colors while racing this year, but we will be TWAF's for life (especially since I still have about 75 TWAF t-shirts- anyone want one- make an offer!)

Working on rebuilding the fleet. Salsa's will be the frames of choice this year- more to come as I figure it out and dial in what parts I'm keeping and what will makes its way to e-bay.

Maybe an inch of snow in the forcast for tomorrow- again not enough to really improve the skiing but enough to further beat up the trails for riding- looks like it'll be rollers and gym time with A1- yahoo!

As I wrote that I just got an email about the NCAA Div 1 Nationals coming up in March and that UNH has their winter carnival in Jackson in week- so if you want to see top notch XC skiers and most likely future US Ski Team members in action this will the place to do it.

Enough out of me. Oh by the way A1's 29'er finally showed up- we'll work to get pics of him actually riding it up soon.


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