Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter has arrived?

This past weekend saw long rides with no thermal gear and a sense that Crank the Kanc must be right around the corner. Of course with it being January and all that couldn't be the case.

So now there is a bit of snow on the ground, a bit more in the forecast and the temps are close to freezing. Is it time to go into "off-season" mode? Hmmm, not sure. It is time to get a touch more excited about skiing. I'm heading up to Cranmore in a few minutes to get in a few runs and my race run for meisters before heading into the office. If the weather holds we may even get in some good xc skiing this weekend. I heard from Howie up at Great Glen that the skate skiing in the woods is very good- that actually has me a bit pumped to go do a bit of striding and gliding.

Of course if it all gets crazy warm again then out come the bikes in force and we'll call the three days off the bike the "off-season".


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