Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Need new legs

Lifting with A1 yesterday morning seemed fine until I was making my warm up run at Cranmore for Meisters (a weekly ski race series), I dropped into my first turns and my legs were screaming for me to ditch my tele gear and grab some alpine sticks- oh well. This is my version of the Kerkove 10 minutes of lunges with 12 pound weights- top to bottom not stop runs on tele gear with a deep stance and making good speed GS turns- ouch! Can't wait to hit the weighs with A1 again tomorrow morning- it'll hurt!

I'm fealing for JJ, he's had some rough patches with injuries over the years. We need to invest in some airbag technology for him. Either that or he needs to start drinking more milk- not sure which would work better.

A1 and I are still thinking about Cohutta, but need to work on the logistics. My wife and girls will be in Florida the week before and then if we go K and I will spin around and head down for a four day trip. Not sure how K's vacation time is holding up but we'll try to figure it out. Still not sure if we'd drive or fly- hmmmmmm.

I had intended to ride rollers last night, instead went to bed early. Tonight I'm planning on heading over the A1's house with the girls to skate on his new rink that he built- it looks pretty good. Apparently A1 used to be in charge of building ice for the Tamworth Parks and Rec as a kid- bet he didn't think those skills would come in handy later in life.

I've been experiencing great mental strife as I get ready to start stripping bikes down and selling frames and complete bikes to make may for the new fleet. I've just never liked selling gear that you've had such epic trips with, but I know it's the smart way to keeps some cash available for new gear and to also keep my basement from becoming fully clogged.

That does it at the moment.




Dennis said...

Don't think lack of milk is my problem. This was the first broken bone in my life. Usually I just tear ligaments and tendons, etc.


bluecolnago said...

let me tell you a secret....

kerkove is crazy. i know that for a fact.

i hear ya on the subject of selling bikes. i can't do it.

you guys behave....

peace out, yo!