Friday, April 27, 2007

Can't Get There From Here

Went out this afternoon to try and connect the last section on top of Rock House Mtn. that DEA and I couldn't find last death march. Parked at the top of Dolloff Hill and went up the logging road that drops back to Eaton Village. Rode about 1/4 mile in, really wet and muddy, then turned off onto the other logging road which I thought went to the top of Rock House Mtn. and would connect the two. It climbed for a mile or so and finally I crested and thought I was in the meadow, only to find I could see the top about one mile west and no trail. So there doesn't appear to be a connection from the top, oh well riding Moddock Hill to Colby Hill connects and we don't lose elevation for the ride, and keeps us on logging road instead of gravel.

Decided to ride down Dolloff Hill then turned around and rode back to the truck. Pretty steep 6/10 mile climb. What made it worse is it was raining and the gravel was really gooey and they had also just put new stone down like the backside of Davis Hill which made it really sloppy. Decent ride although I got thoroughly soaked.


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