Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Hoops have arrived

Christmas in April, well at least there was snow on the ground, but its April and the FedEx/Santa showed up at work today with two nice boxes. Each containing a new Neuvation Cycling wheel. They are wicked perty.

I stopped by DEA's and showed him one of them and we were impressed as we inspected them. I then went home and began to tear down the C-dale and clean it up a bit, which it sorely needed. So after tearing the wheels off and stripping the rubber I pulled the drivetrain apart and began cleaning and putting it all back together. I started with the front wheel and put the new skewer in and put the rim strip on and put the tire and tube on. It was a real f*&%ing bear getting the tire on, but once it was there it looked nice. I need to get tubes with longer stems now cause these rims are much deeper than the prior set.

I then began working on the rear wheel and I put my shiny new Ultegra cassette into place and then put the rim strip on and then began to wrestle with the new Michelin tire I had just gotten from DEA. Wow that is some stiff rubber. After much swearing and breaking a tire lever I finally got it in place. I inflated them and they held air, and it was all good.

I finished by cleaning the cranks and chainrings and topped it off with a nice new Sram chain. I threw them on the bike and opened the garage door to give them a test roll and was greeted by more rain failing from the sky. Oh well, this morning it was nice and sunny and is supposed to be 50ish. Brought the bike to work and hope to get out on a ride sometime during the day.

Thanks again to John at Neuvation Cycling. He set me up with a great looking set of wheels. I'll give some updates as I get some miles on them.



weak and feeble said...

You got a purty wheelset boy. When's the Salsa get here?


weak and feeble said...

them's is sharp wheels, don't cut yourself on those spokes!


weak and feeble said...

I go to Bath, Maine tomorrow to pick up the El Mariachi. Anyone wanna go with me? Bus leaves at 7AM?