Friday, April 20, 2007

The weekend

Ahhh, the sun is out. Rode into work in knickers and no shoe covers. It was a bit chilly so I ramped up the effort to get warm- that did the trick. We may sneak out for an afternoon ride with Mike we'll just have to see how the day plays out.

JJ is on the road to Team Bikeman World Headquarters to pick up his new Salsa. A1 is setting up tents or delievering chairs, me I'm at my desk looking out the window at white capped mountains and blue sky. I'm in a much better mood now that the sun is out!

Looking foward to riding this weekend. Not sure what the schedule will be, we've got a b-day party for Emma (a week late but that's how it is these days) and my Grandmother's 85th! Happy birthday Grammy!

With the temps heading up we may see some trails be rideable in about a week- we'll have to see. I'd say we could head south but with all the flooding they saw near the coast I'm guessing that while not snow covered the trails down south are super wet. But soon, very soon.

That's it from here. The final parts for the Salsa road bike should be coming back with JJ today so maybe I'll start in earnest on that project.



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bluecolnago said...

still waiting to see the pics of the new bikes.

sun is good!