Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Strange Thing in the sky

I saw it, it was overhead briefly and it was bright and warm. I heard an old timer call it "the sun". Then it was gone. So with the nicer day today (no rain) I got out for a spin after lunch. Old Mill to Mill Street, then east on Hampshire Road (153) To Old County. To the top of Old County (ouch) spun around back to Hampshire Road (west) rode out to the state line, turned around and then back to Mill Street and home.

The route had quite a bit of climbing, probably about the same as our ride this weekend (3,000ish feet). I got to enjoy the climbs both ways on Mill Street, the Old County Climb, and the climb before the State Line on the Eaton side. Sweet. The rain washed away about 100 ft. of Old County at the base and as DEA mentioned Mill St. got it good too, I was careful not to get close to the shoulder.

Here's the ride numbers:

Time - 1:39
Miles - 25.6
Avg. Speed 15.4
Max. Speed 36.4


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