Friday, April 20, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I got up nice and early this morning to get in a road ride on the new wheels. They roll nice. I still need to tweak the shifting as I was having some minor issues. I was not dressed properly and froze my toes. I had to stand in the shower and let the tub fill with hot water and just stand there to thaw them piggies out.

After that I set out for this place: World Headquarters

It was a nice drive and took a little less than 2 hours. Its a pretty cool shop with even nicer folks. I met Big Al and his wife Darcy. Nice people. So I spent some time checking out the El Mariachi's and took a little parking lot test ride and it felt nice. So after getting the rest of my order together I was on the road with my shiny new snazzy Superior Blue Salsa El Mariachi.

El Mariachi

One big bonus was that I was anticipating gettin a bike in a box and having to build it this weekend. Lucky for me Big Al was willing to let me take the one he had built of the showroom floor. Dope man! So now my only project with it is to throw on the new On One mary Bars and the Ergon Grips. We'll have to see how the Mary bar and Ergon grips work together. Then I need to strip off the cassette and rear der. and put on the single speed cog and spacers, adjust the EBB and I'm good to go.
El Mariachi

Can't wait to get out and ride.



bluecolnago said...

that's a sweet bike! the crd has to go, man. those things will hurt you!

have fun with it!

peace out, yo!

rick said...

hello fellow bikeman dudes. Is that the medium el I was oggling on thursday or is it the large I had built and is now not ready for me? :) No worries cause I can't get mine until next week anyway.

see you at the races

weak and feeble said...

Rick, yes that is a medium. Sorry if I snatched it on ya. I was expecting ot be building it up this weekend but Big Al was kind to me or felt sorry for me and let me roll out with the built one off the floor.


rick said...

no prob. got my large yesterday. Now I just need to swap a few things around, wait for the mud to dry up and take her for a spin.