Friday, April 13, 2007

Quick Spin

Nikki and I are going to a party tonight so I decided to pick her car up at the salon so I can pick her up tonight and only have one car. I had no ride agenda other than end up there at some point. Headed down 302 to 113 to Wallie World and then up the north south road to the village. Pretty mellow just spinning the legs out. At Carrier's a backhoe pulled out and I realized it was a freind of mine who plows our driveway. Decided to catch up and passed him on the little hill, and thought I was clear of him. He decided to pick up his pace and started catching up, which I couldn't let him do so I took off, we raced for about 1/2 mile at about 23 mph, until we got to Kearsarge Street, thankfully I was going left and he went right. So the easy spin turned into a short sprint, which was good since I beat him by about 100 feet. Time to buy a faster tractor Mike.

Thought about the Jackson loop and thorne, but decided on Upper West Side, which when I turned on found it really sandy. All the other roads were great but they must have sanded West Side last night. Turned around and decided to head to the salon. Very short ride.

Here's what I got:

37:58 Minutes (wow)
9.2 Total Miles (sweet)
14.5 Avg. Speed
31 MPH Max. Speed


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