Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First Ride with Numbers

So after 4 months I finally put my computer on my bike (I got it for Xmas). Headed out and did the same loop as DEA and JJ did Saturday (I think, if they did the same one DEA and I did a few weeks ago), except at Crystal Lake I took a left and headed south on 153 instead of North. Rode down to King Pine and turned right onto East Madison Road to the end then up 113 to Conway village and home. I don't have the elevation capabilities that JJ has so I have to get him to ride that route cause Eat Madison Road climbs, a lot. First 1.5 miles is pretty much staright up then it climbs again at the end and the first half of 113. I would say based on his numbers from the other day this ride could be around 3,000 ft. of gain?

Here are the numbers from the ride.

Total Mileage - 35.2
Avg. Speed - 15.4
Max Speed - 39.9
Total Time - 2:17


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