Monday, April 02, 2007

LSD ride of sorts

I called DEA and asked if he was up for an LSD ride Sunday as I knew he was kid free for the weekend. I had a 2 hour window and the weather was beautiful. I told him I wanted to do a flat ride and keep the HR down as I am still trying to put in some base miles. He was cool with that and we were set to go for 1:30PM. About 1:25 the phone rings and DEA's at A1's house putting cream on his shammy or something like that. Either way they were on their way once they were properly lubed for the ride.

Ride Elevation

Needless to say, the ride was very good. Not quite flat as the elevation shows. I can't complain too much as I agreed to the rout beforehand. It is also very tough to find a rout of any distance around here that is flat anyhow. As we approached the first state line which is atop the biggest climb the question was posed, "Are we racing for lines today?" I said I was out as this was an LSD ride and I was trying to keep my HR as close to 140 or less as possible. A1 wouldn't answer the question. He was quite the politician in dodging the question, as we got closer the question was answered by A1 taking off for the line with DEA in tow. A1 was all over the road trying to be as wide as possible to keep DEA from getting around him. A1 was looking back more than to the front. At the line however, DEA was able to slingshot around and get A1 by a bike or so. I was quickly off the back at this point. They sat up and I proceeded along at my tortoise like pace and caught the hares. This is how the entire ride went as we hit 4 state lines on the ride with DEA getting the first 3 and A1 snagging the last one of the day.

Ride Map

All in all it was a good couple hours on the bike. Here's the number from the Garmin Edge 305

Ride Time 2:02:46
Distance 30.77 mi
Ave. speed 15.1 mph
Max speed 38.6
Ave. HR 143
Elev. gain 2,130

I guess 2,100 feet of climbing is flat around here. So I have about 500 base miles in so far and was hoping to have 750-1000 in before ramping up the intensity but the nice weather and riding mates makes it tough to stay focused. The weather this week will definitely put a damper on riding outside. Oh well, spring in New England. Gotta love mud season.


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